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Companies in the Food & Agriculture sector

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Our company specializes in the manufacture of healthy food products derived from rice and corn (gluten-free). Our goal as a company is to develop and supply global clients

Sector: Food & Agriculture | Province: Ciudad de Buenos Aires


We are a small family business established in Santa Fe which has produced foodstuffs sweetened by stevia. Originally created as Cedro Azul SRL, the company now operates under the brand Trini SA. We offer a wide variety of products ranging from the Argentine original dulce de leche sweetened by stevia, teas, gelatins, desserts, juices, marmalades, cereal bars, candies, to table sweeteners. All products are gluten-free.

Sector: Food & Agriculture | Province: Santa Fe

Rafias Pri Sim

Rafias PRI-SIM Textil SRL is a family company dedicated to producing weaving fabrics of its own design. For us, our work is not just a business, but a family tradition. We began in Spain at the turn of the last century, through the harvesting, weaving, and knitting of the flax. Working with the best yarns, we are proud that our techniques for excellence have thrived over the history of our family for the past four generations. We strive for excellence in everything we produce, working with the

Sector: Cultural Goods & Creative Industries | Province: Buenos Aires


We are a dynamic, efficient and competitive company in the honey sector. We acquire, process and export bee products throughout the world, meeting the requirements of our clients. We add value throughout the value chain and trade, complying with the highest international standards.

Sector: Food & Agriculture | Province: Ciudad de Buenos Aires


We are company dedicated to the production, packing and exportation of fresh garlic. We meet International Standards requirements in order to satisfy our clients. Our fields, located at Uco Valley give the product a unique and excellent quality due to pure melt water which is rich in nutrients.

Sector: Food & Agriculture | Province: Mendoza


Company dedicated to the preparation and marketing of pre-mixes of gluten-free flours with our brand Naturalsur. We have 6 varieties of products and grammages, currently in the market; with them you can make among other products, pizzas, breads, gnocchi, sponge cakes, puddings and rebozadores. The technology developed is innovative to obtain pre-mixes of flours with adequate functional, sensory and nutritional characteristics. Our varieties come in packages of 500 grams.

Sector: Food & Agriculture | Province: Buenos Aires


FScomex is located in Patagonia, south Argentina, selling regional products. More than 12 years in wool market, mainly merino from Chubut, with exports to different countries at high quality and guarantee. From 2016 the company changed legal and fiscal tax inscriptions to obtain Custom authorization for direct own exports. From this change we can offer the new products fishmeal and oils for aquaculture, animal feeding and pharmacy interest.

Sector: Food & Agriculture | Province: Chubut

Tarjeta 1991 Group S.A.

We invite you to visit our website where you can find the details, areas and objectives of our Group. In our website you will find the complete lines of products that we are able to export. We keep open to clarify any concern about products and services.

Sector: Food & Agriculture | Province: Buenos Aires


We produce wines that are clearly representative of the vineyards where the grapes that give rise to them come from. Our viticulturist and oenologist, Cristián Allamand, is the one who works and

Sector: Food & Agriculture | Province: Mendoza


Corbeau Wines is the project of Rodríguez Family on their third generation of producers, represented by Francisco J. Rodríguez, Brand Manager and Eduardo L. Rodríguez, Winemaker. Along with the stage of evolution and revolution of the Argentinean wine-making scene, the Rodríguez Family have overcome any challenges and re adapted to the new expectations of a changing market.

Sector: Food & Agriculture | Province: Mendoza

Cold Seed SA

Our company produces, processes and markets legumes and specialties such as peas, greens and yellows, chickpeas, beans, lentils, pop corn, beans, blacks and reds. We have a processing plant with the most advanced technology.

Sector: Food & Agriculture | Province: Buenos Aires


For 10 years we have been developing healthy foods with fresh and mature fruit, applying quality and traceability standards. Without preservatives. We make homemade jams of: Apple, Peach, Apricot, Strawberry, Plum, Orange, Figs, Pear, Blueberries, Cranberries. Yellow peaches in halves in syrup. Skinless and seedless tomato pulp with garlic and basil. Perita tomatoes in halves.

Sector: Food & Agriculture | Province: Mendoza


We are a cooperative with 28 years working in the beekeeping sector. We work together with 170 families producing organic honey in the Gran Chaco region, supporting these families with beekeeping. We are dedicated to the production and commercialization of high quality conventional and organic honey, in Argentina as well as abroad. Exportar award 2018 regional economies category.

Sector: Food & Agriculture | Province: Santiago del Estero


Argenmieles is a Company dedicated to the production and export of natural bee honey from diverse regions of Argentina. With 3 plants located across the country, is currently exporting to over 20 destinations worldwide, offering a wide range of honey products including bulk (poly and monofloral), packaged products, catering and food service, whipped honey, honeycombs, organic and honey based products

Sector: Food & Agriculture | Province: Buenos Aires


Our activities are focused on the cultivation of high quality specialties, producing at the same time corn and soybeans with the same exceptional standards. Each year we plant about 20,000 hectares. We are leaders in the export of Chia, Garbanzo and Poroto Mung seeds. Our fields are located in the fertile center of the province of Cordoba and in the north of the country, in Santiago del Estero. Both places offer ideal conditions for our crops.

Sector: Food & Agriculture | Province: Córdoba