Frequently Asked Questions

Export Argentina is a Digital Platform in which buyers from all over the world will be able to find your products and contact you.

What is Export Argentina?

Export Argentina is an online directory of companies that will integrate the national exportable supply of goods and services surveyed at the federal level. Argentine companies will be able to offer information about their trajectory, offer products and services, and contact information, allowing the foreign importer to select those counterparts that offer the best compatibility to their demand.

What are the requirements I need to be part of Export Argentina?

In addition to being enabled to export, the platform will request that your company be registered in the PyME Registry. If you still do not have this certificate, you can start to manage it very simply in It can be done by any type of company regardless of its size and even by self-employed workers who are attached to the monotributo regime.

How do I register in Export Argentina?

Registration is free and is done through the registration of a user and profile generation in Once your information has been entered, it will be categorized and validated so that later you can be part of the platform together with other Argentine exporters.

What information will be visible in the platform?

Each user will have a profile that shows general information about the company, its offer of exportable products and services, and contact information.This way interested importers can contact directly with the user, without intermediaries.

Who is behind Export Argentina?

Export Argentina platform is an initiative of the Federal Network of Investment and International Trade Agencies and Organizations (Red Federal de Agencias y Organismos de Inversión y Comercio Internacional) with the support of the National Ministry of Production (Ministerio de Producción de la Nación) and the Argentine Agency for Investment and International Trade (Agencia Argentina de Inversiones y Comercio Internacional).

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